Top-Notch Quality System: Only the Best

From our impeccable products to our exceptional food safety ratings, we are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards in the food industry.

The Forefront of Food Safety

In an industry where quality and cleanliness are crucial, Mullins is justifiably proud of its unblemished record of excellence. From the sourcing of raw materials to the delivery of your individual sauce creations, quality is never compromised.


This is only possible through complete, robust quality programs encompassing traceability, GMP’s, Sanitation, HAACP programs and a management team that never forgets that quality is our most important product.

Traceability Sophistication

Traceability is an essential component of a successful Quality Systems program, and Mullins Food Products is a leader in this area. We use advanced technology and disciplined programs to manage, validate and ensure complete and reliable traceability of our products and raw materials. 

Consistent, Dependable, Quality

Mullins Food Products understands that consistent, high-quality products are essential to our customers. Our Quality Systems programs are core to that measurement of success, reinforcing the strict criteria we establish for data and analysis. 


Certified Food Scientists on our staff constantly monitor, develop and refine our quality processes, upholding our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. As a family company, we promise that every product we deliver upholds the reputation of the customers we serve. And we deliver on that promise. Every time. Every day.


Our cutting-edge Quality Assurance Laboratory is intentionally situated in the center of our production facility as a reminder and testament to our commitment to unwavering standards for quality and food safety. Our Quality Assurance Department performs numerous tests on every ingredient we use and every product we make, ensuring quality and delivering products that our customers are proud to put their names on.

Superior Products, Spotless Reputation

For over thirty years, Mullins Food Products has received only “Best,” “Superior” and “A” ratings on every third-party and global food safety audit we have undergone. More importantly, our customers, the best judges of our commitment to quality, have awarded us their most prestigious supplier awards numerous times. These include “Supplier of the Year,” “System First Award,” “Best of Global Supply,” “Best of Sustainability,” “Quality Supplier” and many others.