Private Label Manufactures Association (PLMA) Trade Show

Private label sauce manufacturing

On November 16th, two of our Product Development team members attended the annual Private Label Manufactures Association (PLMA) Trade Show. The event is held annually in Rosemont, and it attracts companies from around the world.


The PLMA Trade Show serves as a meeting ground for manufacturers and retailers, where new business relationships are formed and industry menu trends are displayed. Clean label, all natural, and organic dominated the conversation, but new culinary trends, like the Baobob fruit from Africa and Dukka, an Egyptian spice, made for interesting flavor profiles.


Private label products are items that are designed, manufactured, packaged, and sold under the name of the retailer selling the item, rather than the brand name of the manufacturer. These items are usually referred to as, “store brand” or “off-brand” products.


Mullins Food Products produces many private label sauces, including pizza sauces for take-and-bake pizzas and nacho cheese for pre-packaged nacho kits. So the next time you pick up a “store brand” take-and-bake pizza at the grocery store, you may just be purchasing one of Mullins’ very own custom formulations.