Mullins Food Products Supports Comfort Care at Loyola

custom sauce manufacturer, Loyola

On December 12th, a group of Mullins Food Products employees, gathered around the Large Conference Room table to cut, tie, and fold blankets to benefit Loyola University Medical Center’s Comfort Care Project. The program aims to provide every person staying at Loyola with a handmade fleece blanket; each blanket is handmade and then personally delivered by volunteers. Around the holidays, the end goal is to have a total of 500 blankets ready to deliver to patients on Christmas Day; this means that every patient with a bed at Loyola on Christmas will receive a blanket.


People from several different departments came out to help make blankets. Overall, a total of thirty-four blankets were completed and sent back to Loyola to be delivered to patients awaiting treatment. In true Mullins spirit, several people took home bags of pre-cut blankets and tied them during their free time, bringing the grand total of MFP blankets made to seventy-two!


Thank you to all of the volunteers for giving of their time! Manufacturing sauce is our business, but giving back to the community is an integral part of our company culture.