Mullins Food Products: A Private Label Sauce Supplier with Diversity Certification

Mullins Food Products, private label sauce manufacturing

Mullins Food Products is owned and operated by eleven siblings who represent the third generation of owners of Mullins Food Products, a private label sauce manufacturing and liquid packaging company located in Broadview, IL.  What you may not have known is that the majority ownership is female – six to five to be exact.  This over 51% breakdown allowed us to apply for and be granted certification as a female owned, operated and controlled business and we have been certified since November of 1998.


So how does a company attain such a certification?  Documentation about each of the owners is required (from proof of birth and resumes to stock certificates).  We also had to provide official paperwork such as company By-Laws, Articles of Incorporation and our Meeting Minutes – just to name a few.  Our certifying agency, WBENC, conducted a site visit, a very important part of the process since it’s critical that the females that have ownership in the company are actively working there.  We apply for recertification on an annual basis and our current certificate was just renewed and is in effect until November 30, 2016.


Our reputation as a top-notch sauce supplier is what truly drives customers to our door.  But these same customers value their ability to purchase their private label custom sauces from a high-quality company while at the same time meeting the diversity goals that their organization has in place.  It’s a win/win for both sides and the number of customers requesting our certificate continues to grow, demonstrating the value it brings to them.


A copy of our diversity certification can be located in the About Us section of our website.