Menu Trends and Making Friends

Mullins Food Products Menu Trends Private Label Sauce Manufacture

Last week, our culinary experts experimented with a different kind of recipe development, and put their skills to work preparing a lunch for some members of the weekend crew. For the past year, the Product Development department has been hosting Food For Thought sessions where members of the Mullins family enjoy lunch with plant employees.


It was a feast featuring current culinary trends, with custom recipes designed by our two chefs. Guests started off with a BLT Salad drizzled with our custom poppy seed dressing and grilled corn on the cob slathered in either sundried tomato parmesan butter, or garlic herb butter. Bite sized delights of grilled chipotle shrimp with southwest cream and chili lime avocado were delicious hor d’oeuvres. For the main dish, guests had the option of munching on grilled teriyaki chicken sliders featuring our private label mayonnaise, or a citrus pulled pork sandwich with creamy havarti cheese, sharp cheddar, and grilled heirloom tomatoes. To round out the meal, everyone was treated to slice of Zofia’s Famous Tiramisu and their choice of freshly squeezed strawberry lemonade or homemade peach iced tea.


It’s true, the food was fantastic, but the day was about more than just enjoying a hearty meal; the lunch is a way for coworkers to get a chance to know one another outside of their everyday routines. The best conversations are always had over a shared meal, which is why the program is named Food For Thought. Employees have the opportunity to ask questions about the business, new projects, and offer insights into their area of expertise. More importantly, people talk about their hobbies, their families, and their shared interests. Mullins Food Products is a family company, and the best place to spend time with your family is at the dining table.