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Private Label Sauce Manufacturer's Tribute to blogger during National Blog Month

November is National Blog Posting Month, and in celebration we would like to recognize and honor a member of the MFP Social Media team who recently passed: Joanna Lagedrost.

A sauce manufacturer in Broadview, IL with close ties to Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Ronald McDonald House Charities is instrumental in making sure that families have a place to call home, and the Mullins Food Products Family is delighted to be such a big part of the RMHC centers in Illinois.

Private Label Condiments Labor Day

We love our laborers, who work hard every day and night to formulate, manufacture and package delicious sauces, salsas and dressings for you and your customers.

It is no surprise that July is National Grilling Month. What better way to celebrate outdoor cooking than with delicious sauces, salsas and dressings?

Everyone loves a good summertime barbecue, but they will love it even more with mouthwatering Mullins sauces and dressings.

Mullins Food Products celebrates National Salsa Month with a custom salsa recipe.

May is National Salsa Month! Here at Mullins Food Products, we love salsa and we manufacture it with love.

What good is ballpark food without good sauce?

As we (finally) say goodbye to winter and usher in warmer temperatures, baseball creeps onto the scene. The time is right to enjoy those hot dogs, hot pretzels and French fries as you watch those home runs and extra innings.  What good is ballpark food without good sauce?

National Sauce Month at Mullins Food Products

March is National Sauce Month! 

Mullins Food Products manufactures and packages savory sauces, dressings and glazes that your customers will love to dip food into or add to their meals. What kind of dipper are you – the grab-and-dip, the double-dipper or are you a type A who needs a fork in hand?

Today is National Employee Appreciation Day! Mullins Food Products loves and appreciates all of its employees the other 364 days of the year, but cannot simply ignore an excuse to celebrate them a little extra today because it is a national holiday.

Private label sauce supplier celebrates Fat Tuesday

Happy Fat Tuesday! There is really no limit to the food you can eat today, so why not make your food extra tasty by adding a one of our mouthwatering sauces?

Private label sauce manufacturer acquired by Newly Weds Foods

We are pleased to announce a major step in fulfilling our plan to build Mullins Food Products into an even more exceptional custom sauce company.  We are partnering with Newly Weds Foods to accelerate the growth potential of Mullins Food Products in North America and beyond.

Sauce Producer Culture of Generosity Mullins Food Products

Mullins Food Products believes in giving back to those in need and supporting their surrounding community; one of the ways we do this is through "Joan's Angels", an  event founded by Joan Mullins. The Mullins Family, co-workers, friends, and children all work together to make Christmas and the holiday season special for all. Mullins Food Products is a private-label sauce producer that was built on a foundation of generosity and good will.

Family Owned Private Label Custom Sauce Supplier

MFP is a booming private label sauce supplier today because of the visionary sauce pioneers, Jack & Joan Mullins, inspired by Jack’s parents’ family recipe. 

Mullins Food Products, a private label sauce manufacturer and packager, exceeds the federal standards for food safety.

Mullins Food Products is proud to have earned the highest possible rating from the BRC National Food Safety Audit, AA.

Are You A Foodie?  The Culinary Team At Mullins Food Products Is!

The busy back-to-school season calls for simple, easy, and wholesome recipes. Avocado toast is one such quick and nutritious item that fits into any meal of the day. 

Mullins Food Products, a private label sauce supplier, specializing in bulk pouches and portion pack, donates school supplies to various schools.

Mullins Food Products employees organize a collection so that we can provide many coveted supplies to schools in Chicago and surrounding suburbs. 

Jack Mullins loved books so much that he decided to pen one of his own: A Family Affair – the History of Mullins Food Products.

Today is National Book Lovers Day! We celebrate the written word and its power to enlighten us, transport us to new places and times, and make us feel generally awesome. 

Mustard...more than just a condiment

Prepared mustard is very dynamic, and can range in taste from sweet to spicy, and in color from bright yellow to dark brown. Its uses are endless—can be paired with any meat or cheese, added to salad, mixed with other ingredients to create a unique soup or dressing, or squeezed onto a hamburger, sandwich, corndog or hot dog. It’s no surprise that mustard ranks among the most popular spices and condiments in the world.

MFP is a private label sauce manufacturer celebrating National Chicken Wing Day with our favorite sauces.

MFP is proud to manufacture many of the sauces you might like to dress up your chicken wings. Whether it’s BBQ, buffalo, honey mustard or a side of ranch, we make it all! 

Private Label Sauce Supplier Social Media Team

The MFP social media team uses its accounts—Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook—to bring information about its custom recipes and sauces to your screen.

MFP Walks for ALS and Loyola Pediatric Care

Aside from manufacturing top quality private label sauces, one of our biggest passions at Mullins Food Products is giving back to our community. As a company, we accomplish this in many ways, one of which is participating in walks/runs benefiting specific charities and organizations.