The Mullins Story

Homegrown Success

Our extraordinary story began in 1934 on the west side of Chicago when Harry and Mabel Mullins began bottling the popular, home-made barbecue sauce they served at their Chicago tavern.  Before long, “Prairie Chef” barbecue sauce could be purchased in local grocery stores. These were the humble beginnings of Mullins Food Products.

Building the Business

That first batch, totaling four-gallons, became the foundation of a fast-growing legacy. After returning from his service as a fighter pilot in World War II, Harry and Mabel’s son, Jack Mullins, concentrated on running the sauce company. He quickly landed national grocery accounts, expanded the company product line, and began positioning the company to serve the growing restaurant-supply industry.

Envisioning The Future

During the 1960’s, Jack Mullins refocused the company, with a vision of supplying the emerging fast-food industry. The purchase of Packaging Service Corporation enabled the company to operate as both a manufacturer and co-packer of sauces and condiments.

An Industry Leader

Today, Mullins Food Products, a subsidiary of Newly Weds Foods, operates out of our modern, fully automated facility in Broadview, Illinois. We manufacture and package virtually every type of sauce, dressing and condiment for the most well-known and widely-respected companies in the world.

Values That Define Us

Family values, unyielding commitment to quality, and ethical behavior are the cornerstones of our company culture. We proudly participate in local, national and global charities. We have been recognized on a global level for our commitment to sustainability, environmental stewardship and people. And we are in the forefront in the development of new food products with health, nutrition and sustainability as core requirements.