A Sauce Manufacturer with a Deep Appreciation for its Employees

Today is National Employee Appreciation Day! Mullins Food Products loves and appreciates all of its employees the other 364 days of the year, but cannot simply ignore an excuse to celebrate them a little extra today because it is a national holiday. Mullins Food Products employees do just about everything: manufacture and package delicious sauces, formulate new creations using the latest culinary trends, control quality, care for valuable customers, navigate IT, grow MFP’s social media presence, field various sauce inquiries, file paperwork, manage money in compliance with federal standards, take care of the facilities, and then manage all tasks to make sure they all coordinate well.

Mullins employees are not only appreciated for their hard work inside the factory and surrounding facilities, but also for their generosity with “non-MFP” time and resources. Employees often partake in charitable events in the surrounding community. It is not uncommon for a group of employees to participate in a walk or fundraiser together. In addition, Mullins Food Products arranges various food or supply drives throughout the year, and employee involvement unfailingly goes above and beyond.

Our terrific employees are ready to make Mullins Food Products your custom private label sauce supplier!