We Are Family

Mullins Food Products Private Label Sauce Manufacturer appreciates their employees

Here at Mullins Food Products we have the best employees and we love to boast about them! 

It is easy for us to do this, because the majority of us have been together for many years. We take pride in our steady and consistent work force.  Our low turnover rate indicates our mutual admiration and trust in each other and shows the majority of the employees are happy and satisfied.  We currently have over 400 employees at MFP, with 227 of those having been with us for at least 10 years.  To break that down further, 120 of those have been with us a minimum of 20 years, 45 of those have been with us a minimum of 30 years, and finally, 2 have been with us over 40 years.  Basically over 50% of our workforce is long-term employees.

Having a strong work force has made us a great company.  Our employees are very knowledgeable and know what it takes to be efficient while producing consistent BBQ, ketchup, salsas and mayonnaise products.  We have hired the best, we believe in each other, we support each other and all have the common goal of maintaining Mullins Food Products impeccable reputation in the liquid products industry. 

We are a family business, we love our MFP team members and we look forward to working side by side together for many more years to come!