Mullins Food Products Scores High on the Annual Global Food Safety Audit

Mullins Food Products BRC Global Food Safety Audit High Score

Food Safety is paramount to the mission of Mullins Food Products; it is our promise, our guarantee!

We are thrilled to share that Mullins Food Products has earned a “AA” rating for the 2nd year in a row for our 2017 BRC Global Food Safety Audit.  The audit took place over 4 consecutive days, and examined every aspect of our food plant, including a thorough evaluation of our policies and procedures to ensure that we consistently produce safe, high-quality sauces, ketchup, mayonnaise, salsas and salad dressings.

As part of the inspection, the auditor routinely approaches team members from the plant floor to question them about their knowledge of their job, training, GMP’s, or any aspect relative to the position they hold.  Every team member has been well prepared and trained through our extensive training programs and that was evident throughout the audit.  Their knowledge and ability to answer questions on-the-spot highlighted why the comprehensive training programs we have in place are successful and critical to running a quality food plant.   Several individuals were spontaneously questioned by the auditor and provided detail about our custom formulations, our packaging, and our hot-fill and cold-fill processes. 

Continuous improvement and quality are a mindset at Mullins Food Products.  The food safety audits provide a means to learn, improve, and perfect our programs and policies.  Our team is receptive to positive change to further enhance the check and balances of the systems we have in place.  The fantastic audit results speak volumes about our impeccable food plant and are one reason why we are considered a leader within the liquid products industry and private label sauce manufacturing. 


For more information about the BRC Global Food Safety Audit and certification program, CLICK HERE.