Saucy Fat Tuesday Celebration

Private label sauce supplier celebrates Fat Tuesday

Happy Fat Tuesday! Although this day is more widely celebrated in traditionally ethnic French cities in the United States, this annual celebration of eating rich foods has evolved into a secular day. There is really no limit to the food you can eat today, so why not make your food extra tasty by adding a one of our mouthwatering sauces? How can you enjoy tortilla chips without salsa?! Or indulge in shrimp and fish without a zesty tartar sauce nearby? And you need some sauce on your pizza to make it...well, pizza. Mullins Food Products to the rescue! Spiking your favorite dishes with different sauces can make for a much more enjoyable dining experience. This year, make Fat Tuesday extra saucesome!

Mullins Food Products, a premier private label sauce supplier, expertly manufactures and packages delicious sauces and salad dressings for some of the nation’s leading retail co-packs, food chains and QSRs. Give the gift of our bold tasting condiments and dressings (in your choice of packaging) to your customers. Using the latest culinary trends, we can even create a custom food service formulation for your brand. Cue the mouthwatering!