Who Manufactures Ketchup? Mullins Food Products Manufactures Ketchup!

Mullins Food Products Private Label Ketchup Supplier

Did you know that over 95% of American homes are equipped with ketchup? The quintessential American condiment originating in the Far East is celebrated today to kick off the summer grilling season.  Americans are known to dress up their food with ketchup, adding it to items such as french fries, burgers, hot dogs, grilled cheese, eggs, meatloaf and even potato chips. Mullins Food Products, the most reliable ketchup supplier nationwide, produces ketchup in mass quantities.

As a leading private label ketchup supplier, Mullins Food Products manufactures ketchup for many of the industry’s food giants—QSR’s, foodservice, and retail co-packsOur savory blend of tomato concentrate and natural flavors in private label packaging allows you to promote your own brand while enjoying Mullins’ custom ketchup. No competition! So the next time you squeeze a packet of ketchup onto your fries, or pump it out of a dispenser to top off a burger at your favorite QSR, know that you might be enjoying a condiment prepared by the Mullins Food Products team of experts.