Mullins Sauces + Chicken Wings = ♥

MFP is a private label sauce manufacturer celebrating National Chicken Wing Day with our favorite sauces.

Happy 40th Annual Chicken Wing Day! Not so long ago, butchers considered chicken wings worthless cuts of meat, typically either trashing them or using them for stock. Legend has it that the American craze for chicken wings took root only 50 years ago when a bar owner in Buffalo, New York received an accidental shipment of chicken wings and decided to make the best of it by tossing them in a deep fryer, adding vinegar, butter and smothering them with sauces. Over time, chicken wings gained popularity as an American bar/party food and appetizer, and the city of Buffalo celebrated the first ever Chicken Wing Day on July 29, 1977. Naturally, as the chicken wing became a hot American menu item and as demand grew, people experimented with several delicious sauces to top off their food.

Mullins Food Products is proud to manufacture many of the sauces you might like to dress up this meat. We supply top quality sauces to America’s favorite QSR’s, foodservice and retail co-packs. Enjoy our mouthwatering barbecue, buffalo or honey mustard private label sauces with your wings. Who knows? The chicken wing may soon assume the role of America’s runner-up favorite meal of meat (second only to the burger). In keeping with menu trends, Mullins uses custom formulations to keep your chicken wings at your individual tasting pleasure!


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