Happy National Mustard Day!

Mustard...more than just a condiment

More than just a condiment.....

The mustard plant and prepared mustard have a long and rich history. Egyptian pharaohs stocked their tombs full of mustard seeds to munch on in the afterlife and King Louis XI was rumored never to have travelled without a pot of mustard. Numerous scientists and philosophers over the years trumpeted the healing and soothing powers of mustard seeds and paste. Today still, mustard is said to have positive effects on the human body. Although it is likely that the Romans were the first to experiment with mustard as a condiment in the fourth century, Americans were probably the first to put mustard on hot dogs at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair.

Prepared mustard is very dynamic, and can range in taste from sweet to spicy, and in color from bright yellow to dark brown. Its uses are endless—can be paired with any meat or cheese, added to salad, mixed with other ingredients to create a unique soup or dressing, or squeezed onto a hamburger, sandwich, corndog or hot dog. It’s no surprise that mustard ranks among the most popular spices and condiments in the world.

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