There’s a Sauce for That

National Sauce Month at Mullins Food Products

March is National Sauce Month! Mullins Food Products supplies custom sauces year-round, and is interested in both the quality of the sauce you are enjoying and how you are enjoying it. Do you like to smother certain food items in sauce or do you prefer to add just a dollop of the good stuff? Are you a big dipper? A double (or triple) dipper? Some foods are easier to dip with fingers while others require utensils. What kind of dipper are you – the grab-and-dip, the double-dipper or are you a type A who needs a fork in hand?

Imagine yourself savoring a delectable chicken kabob, do you remove individual pieces to dip into sauce one at a time or drench the whole thing in saucy goodness in one fell swoop? Some of us will dip anywhere and everywhere, yet others are more particular about their dipping locations. I suspect most of us have had carry-out food and even been adventurous enough to dip in a moving vehicle – some might even be experts at this! While others favor a dipping experience in the privacy of their own home. So if you haven’t thought about it before, ask yourself, what kind of dipper are you? And, what kind of marinade, dressing, glaze or sauce is critical to your ideal dipping experience? A quick poll taken at Mullins Food Products identified barbecue, ranch dressing, buffalo sauce and honey mustard as top choices, but there are so many others...ketchup, mustard, salsa, picante, horseradish, marinara, teriyaki, sweet and sour, tartar, and hot sauce.

Now that your mouth sufficiently watered, we have more great news! Mullins Food Products manufactures and packages savory sauces, dressings and glazes that your customers will love to dip food into or add to their meals. We can meet all of your sauce desires in private label packaging of your choice. Of course, we offer dipping cups as well as bulk totes, portion control packets, mid-size pouches, bulk pouches, bag-in-box pouches, cryovac pouches, hot fill pouches, gallon jugs, pails and drums. If you are looking for another form of packaging, just let us know! Contact Mullins Food Products today for all your private label sauce needs!

In the meantime, enjoy your favorite sauce in honor of National Sauce Month!