Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

What good is ballpark food without good sauce?

As we (finally) say goodbye to winter and usher in warmer temperatures, baseball creeps onto the scene. Most national ballparks celebrated Opening Day in the past few weeks. Here at Mullins Food Products, that means delicious ballpark food chalked full of saucy goodness.

Baseball season has become synonymous with outdoor season. The time is right to enjoy those hot dogs, hot pretzels and French fries as you watch those home runs and extra innings. What good is ballpark food without good sauce? You might want to layer your hot dogs and hamburgers with the basics, ketchup and mustard, or you might want to try something different, like honey mustard, buffalo or marinara sauces. Mullins Food Products has them all, including pizza sauces for those craving a good slice of pizza at the ballpark. And of course, you will need a sauce or two for French fries, pretzel sticks or other savory side snacks to accompany your main course. Do it for the dip! Then (or simultaneously) cheer on the home team!         

Mullins Food Products is ready to be your custom sauce supplier. In our state-of-the-art facility, employees manufacture and package private label sauces, salad dressings and glazes with care. We keep abreast of the latest menu trends to satisfy individual flavor profiles. The most reliable sauce supplier nationwide will send your taste buds on a few home runs this season.