Mile High Menu Trends: Research Chef Association Conference

At the beginning of March, two of Mullins Food Products culinary experts attended the Research Chef Association’s Annual Conference and Culinology Expo.   Over 1,200 food scientists, food technologists, culinary experts, and chefs met in the Mile High City to share ideas, explore new culinary trends, and of course, eat exquisite food.


The theme of the conference was “Year of the Pulses,” which are part of the legume family; some popular examples of pulses are: dried peas, beans, lentils, and chickpeas.  At the conference, culinary competitions on both the collegiate and professional levels challenged chefs to make dishes using this unique ingredient. Pulses are both nutritionally saturated and highly sustainable foods, which tied in with two very popular topics at the show: sustainable food production, and the impact of food on consumers’ health.


Over the course of four days, educational lectures provided new information on the latest menu trends, as well as insight into up and coming flavor profiles. Ramen, vegetable-centric dishes, and Thai flavors dominated the conversation. The Mullins Food Products Product Development department has already started working on custom formulas with these trends in mind. Keep an eye out for some eye-popping new sauces in 2016!

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