Mullins Food Products Loves Mayonnaise

Mullins Food Products Mayonnaise Room Improvement Project

Whether you love it or hate it, mayonnaise is a big part of the food world.  In fact, sources indicate that in recent years, Americans spent more money on mayonnaise than any other condiment, including ketchup. It’s hard to believe that ketchup is not king but why the growth trend in mayonnaise?  It’s not just used on a sandwich, consumers and culinary experts are using mayonnaise as an ingredient in their side salads, in sushi, in cake recipes, and even as hair conditioner; plus the low-fat mayonnaise market is a key contributor to recent growth as people are more health conscious.

Mullins Food Products has been making mayonnaise for decades and because we believe in reinvestment in our facility and equipment, we have embarked on a major improvement project:  The total redesign and expansion of our Mayonnaise and Spoonable Spreads production room, or as we refer to it:  “The Mayo Room”.  Planning has been in the works for over a year, and construction commenced in January 2017.

The Mayo Room redesign includes increase of our batch sizes using larger mixing kettles, automation of bulk liquid additions, implementation of the raw material scanning traceability system, a perfected layout, and a modern spacious production platform.  This will result in increased capacity, enhanced traceability, consistent batching efficiencies, improved yields, and superior products of the utmost quality.

In March of 2017, the redesigned room will be complete and fully operational.  We hope you enjoy the sneak-peek into the excitement at Mullins Food Products and “spread” the love about mayo – the king of condiments!