Mullins Food Products and The Ronald McDonald House at Loyola - A Love Story

A sauce manufacturer in Broadview, IL with close ties to Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Mullins Food Products and The Ronald McDonald House share a rich history, decades in the making.  In July of 1995, the doors of the RMHC at the Loyola Maywood Campus opened with 18 rooms.  One of those rooms was donated by Jack and John Mullins in honor of Jack’s parents, Mabel and Harry Mullins.  After many years of use, the family room at the Maywood Campus was in need of renovation, so the Mullins family refurbished and refurnished the room.  In 2012, a new state of the art RMHC facility was built in the city of Chicago near Lurie Children’s Hospital and once again the Mullins family was eager to lend support to this wonderful organization and sponsored one of the food pantries in the new house. 

When your family is facing a health crisis with a sick child, the last thing you need to worry about is where you will lay your head down at night. Ronald McDonald House Charities is instrumental in making sure that families have a place to call home, and the Mullins Family is delighted to be such a big part of the RMHC centers in Illinois.

Aside from the Mullins Family, the MFP employees generously volunteer their time, talents, and money to this beloved charity on a regular basis:

  • Mattresses - Shannon Smith was contacted by the Loyola House asking if anyone could come early the next morning to move out dozens of beds so that new ones that were donated could be brought in.  It was a labor of love, but 5 family members were there the next day to help out.
  • Vacuums – New vacuums were needed for the house, so Team Mullins contributed.
  • Kicking for the House - Many departments put together competitive soccer teams and enjoyed a wonderful evening playing at the Oak Brook Polo Fields while raising money for RMHC. We had the pleasure of “competing” with many others in the McFamily.
  • Pop Top collection – this takes place each and every day at MFP. 
  • Hittin' for the House - another favorite fund raising team event that we have participated in.  What better way to spend the weekend than raising funds and playing softball with all of your co-workers and friends!
  • Meals – This is one of the most rewarding ways to help out and ease the burden of those staying at the Ronald McDonald House.  We are a food company, so providing culinary delights, which typically have a delicious sauce accompaniment, are a must for Team Mullins. We have a full team that volunteers their time to cook delicious dinners for the families staying there.

We are blessed to have such a wonderful home such a short distance from our Broadview, IL location.

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