Mullins Food Products

Custom Private Label Sauces for the Best Brands in the World

Custom Formula Innovation

The process begins with a vision, to wow your customers with new flavor profiles. Whether you are looking to support and enhance the legacy of a popular brand, to create a new sauce or dressing for an original application, or to devise or expand an entirely new product category, our Culinary Innovation Team can help you bring your vision to life.

Pilot Plant for Commercialization

Even the best custom recipe must be able to be consistently and economically manufactured on a large scale, optimized for assured supply. The experts in our Culinary Center and Pilot Plant have a storied history of turning ideas into successful product launches. From formulation to test batches to full-scale production, our team works with you to develop personalized, distinctive sauces and dressings.

Superior Supply Chain

Assured supply, speed to market and predictable pricing are key factors when choosing your condiment manufacturer. Our supply chain professionals offer first-rate industry knowledge, long-term vendor relationships and an array of logistic and purchasing-power benefits that enable you to consistently outperform your competition. Find out how our time-tested supply system is engineered for your success.

The Highest Standards

In an industry where quality and cleanliness are crucial, Mullins Food Products is justifiably proud of its unblemished record of excellence. From the sourcing of raw materials to the delivery of your individual sauce creations, quality is never compromised. This is only possible through robust quality programs, on-site experts in food safety and hygiene, and a management team that never forgets that quality is our most important product.